AI Enabled E-Sitter

AI Enabled E-Sitter

Help keep high-risk patients safe without the crippling costs of sitters, with powerful AI to support your staff in preventing falls and pressure ulcers.
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Touchless Telehealth

Touchless Telehealth

Vitalchat is secure and browser-based, requiring no app download. Providers and family can easily login in from phone, laptop or computer, verbal request and entry code and join the visit.
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Become one of our trusted Channel Partners

Become one of our trusted Channel Partners

Take your offering to the next level by seamlessly integrating Vitalchat’s platform for your clients. Vitalchat’s partner portal allows you to demo, access, implement and manage clients
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AI Enabled E-Sitter + Touchless Virtual Visit:
A Powerful Combination

Staff lugging carts in and out of rooms. Physicians and patients fumbling with apps and disparate systems. IT troubleshooting weekly equipment issues. Finance griping about expensive hardware and confusing licensing contracts. Vitalchat is a better, simpler solution.

Effortlessly Connect

Vitalchat is a transformational telehealth software that effortlessly connects caregivers, patients and families using existing workflows on any commodity device... at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.


Vitalchat is touchless, requiring zero assistance or hardware management from physicians, nursing staff, patients or their families. Physicians have complete freedom to round on patients on any time and on any device, and nursing staff can efficiently monitor whole units with the help of patented AI for everything from fall prevention to bed ulcers.


Vitalchat is built to work within existing technologies. The platform can also be deployed on a wide range of hardware depending on use case, including existing monitors, tablets and carts. To this end, we work closely with a variety of partners – from hardware manufacturers to EMR, nurse call, vitals, integrators and more.


VItalchat’s proprietary software eliminates all third-party reliance and fees, requires zero on-site management and leverages low-cost hardware. This allows for straightforward pricing that is more affordable than anything else on the market.

Where We Help

Vitalchat’s secure platform leverages smart video, scalable interoperability and low-cost hardware for reliable and affordable collaboration in every room—from the hospital all the way to home.


Vitalchat is purpose-built from the ground up to provide an amazing virtual care experience for everyone—from patients and families, clinicians, providers, healthcare administrators…and our partners. In fact, we are confident we’ve built something that even your IT department will approve of.

AI Enabled E-Sitter

Scale patient safety, improve staff efficiency and reduce burnout. Vitalchat is the ONLY e-sitter solution that leverages AI to improve patient safety that can be stood up in minutes, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.


With Vitalchat’s unique MultiView Dashboard, caregivers can view 30+ spaces/rooms at once. More than just simple e-sitter functionality, MultiView leverages our Touchless Telemedicine and SmartView capabilities to create a unique and powerful total monitoring solution that extends caregiver capacity and increases patient safety.

SmartView AI

SmartView, Vitalchat’s virtual AI-enabled room coverage, continuously collects video data, alerting staff to potential problems by sending built-in and custom triggered ”Alerts” to the EMR or other messaging platforms. SmartView Reporting gives valuable insights to drive better decision-making into workflows, staffing, room turnover…even supply management.


Touchless Virtual Visit

Vitalchat requires no physical interaction from the patient or nurses to have virtual visits. Using the patented “Digital Door Knock” feature, patients are able to give verbal permission for entry and initiate the visit, hands free. Easily invite family members and other caregivers to participate in visits or consults via a secure text link. No app download required.

Direct Connect

Tired of Zoom and Doxy? Eliminate virtual waiting rooms with healthcare-specific collaboration with patients via call, video or text right from the platform. Simply create a meeting link via email or text to allow full collaboration on patients’ devices at home.

Voice-to-Text & Text-to-Voice

Allows care team to speak or type a message and have it spoken or transcribed to the patient in a variety of languages. 


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