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Reduce provider burnout and enhance the patient experience with the most affordable and effective virtual nursing technologies available. See What's Possible

Hands-Free & Scalable Inpatient Telemedicine Solutions

Revolutionizing hybrid healthcare, Vitalchat’s hands-free virtual nursing solutions are thoughtfully designed with people in mind, improving provider retention and patient health outcomes across the care continuum. Our inpatient telehealth technology integrates seamlessly with partners to provide better care, at scale, cost effectively — while minimizing network requirements up to 20-fold.

Obsessed with continuous innovation, we leverage patented AI to reassure providers, patients and loved ones that the quality of care is more responsive and focused than before.

The Vitalchat Difference


“Hands-Free” Technology

“Hands-free” means exactly that: Care is powered through movement and voice, from detecting incidents early to granting providers instant permission to enter. No app, remote or tech-savviness required — just human interaction translated through technology.


Monitor Up to 100 Patients

Proprietary features like SmartView and MultiView make it possible to monitor up to 100 patients at once. With fewer tedious administrative tasks, providers can use their time and talents more effectively.


Scale Across Hospitals

Vitalchat is built to scale. With a flexible technology stack model, hospitals can equip all rooms and floors across multiple campuses with technology defining the latest standards of care. Setup is easy, convenient and quick.


Cut Costs

We’ve eliminated third-party licensing dependencies to provide the intuitive system at a fraction of the cost of competitors, saving hospitals thousands per room, per year. The more rooms equipped, the greater the ROI.


Agnostic Hardware

Integrate with your own TVs, iPads, desktops, WOWs, laptops and other existing hardware, or optimize your endpoints with Vitalchat’s adaptable, flexible and agnostic hardware. Our telemedicine carts reenable collaboration by converting existing systems into telehealth stations.


Value-Based Care

Vitalchat supports a value-based model, where care is a journey — not a transaction. We believe the healthcare experience can’t be solely quantified, but it can be qualified by shorter stays, better results and happier patients.

Virtual Nursing Software & Features

We empower providers to deliver best-in-class care to more patients in less time. Powered through movement and voice, Vitalchat is the first and only AI-driven, hands-free solution of its kind. SmartView and MultiView inpatient monitoring technology, enhanced with intuitive features like Digital Door Knock and Night Vision, have enabled us to bring the hospital room of the future to the present.


Flexible & Agnostic Hardware Solutions

Whether you’re looking to replace your old equipment with Vitalchat’s state-of-the-art hardware or put those spare screens gathering dust to good use, we have you covered. Telemedicine carts can handle both high- and low-acuity patient settings, giving remote providers easy access to all critical data.


Start Scaling with Vitalchat

Hospitals nationwide are saving money, reducing burnout and improving quality of care with Vitalchat technologies. Your journey toward a streamlined patient experience starts with a demo.