Vitalchat Features

What do we mean by Simple?

Vitalchat is purpose-built from the ground up to provide a simple and meaningful experience for patients and families, clinicians, providers and healthcare administrators across hundreds of rooms.


Vitalchat is free of any third-party reliance and fees, and leverages low-cost hardware–even repurposed existing carts and tablets.


The system is designed to be fixed in every room, so the need to manage, move, track, and plug-in large carts is not required.


The platform is low-maintenance and remotely managed in the cloud–or can be hosted on-premise.


Devices are fully self managed so nurses and IT staff do not need to worry about device management and tracking.


Vitalchat is API-rich for quick and easy integration into existing workflows and technologies, such as an EMR, to reduce software fatigue and increase adoption.

App Free

Vitalchat does not require an app, and is designed to be embedded into existing workflows.

All of this means a telehealth solution that is simple and affordable to implement everywhere telehealth is needed.

Vitalchat is touchless--requiring zero physical interaction from the patient or nurses for virtual visits. The patient simply gives permission to enter the room via a verbal code displayed on the screen. Visitors may include credentialed hospital staff members with granted access as well as friends/family via timed invites/permissions. All controls of the virtual visit are done from the remote user.

Touchless Telemedicine

Vitalchat requires no physical interaction from the patient or nurses to have virtual visits.

Complete Freedom

Physicians have complete freedom to round on patients anytime, from any device.

Digital Door Knock

Using the patented “Digital Door Knock” feature, patients are able to give verbal permission for entry and initiate the visit, hands free.

Virtual Visit

All controls of the virtual visit are done from the remote user. 

Easy Invite

Also, easily invite family members and other caregivers to participate in visits or consults via a secure text link. No app download required. 


With Vitalchat’s unique MultiView Dashboard, caregivers can view 30+ spaces/rooms at once.

Customizable View

Monitor patients across any configuration (different rooms, different floors, different facilities, different states)

More Than Simple E-sitter Functionality

More than just simple e-sitter functionality, MultiView leverages SmartView video to proactively monitor for falls, pressure ulcers, visitors and more. 

Remote Alerts

Escalate to care team on floor if necessary via alerts in room, on the floor and remotely


SmartView, Vitalchat’s virtual AI-enabled room coverage, increases patient safety and extends caregiver capacity.


Using video to continuously collect information received by cameras, built-in and custom triggered ”Alerts” can be sent to EMR or other collaboration/messaging platforms. 

Valuable Insights

Gain valuable insights to drive better decision-making into workflows, staffing, room turnover…even supply management.

Voice-to-Text and Translation

With the click of a button, automatically add closed captioning and two-way language translation.

Reduce Expenses

Reduce expenses associated with transcription/translation services and increase patient and provider satisfaction

Welcome to telemedicine SIMPLIFIED