Hands-Free Telemedicine. Hands-on Care.

Hands-Free Telemedicine. Hands-on Care.

Equip your hospital system with a full suite of revolutionary, AI-driven solutions that are redefining the standard for patient monitoring, virtual visits and more.

Intuitive Virtual Nursing Software

Powered through movement and voice, Vitalchat offers the first and only hands-free, AI virtual nursing solution available. Responsive software enhanced with a host of leading-edge features have enabled us to bring the hospital room of the future, to the present. Utilizing a collaborative hybrid healthcare model, our solutions are easy to integrate and built to cost-effectively scale across facilities.

AI-Enabled E-Sitters for 24/7 Patient Monitoring

Improve wide-scale patient monitoring while helping providers avoid burnout



Improve patient safety and provider efficiency with the only patented software that can oversee up to 100 rooms at once from a single workstation. AI scans for movement 24/7 through continuous monitoring to alert nurses instantly, and even includes real-time alerts and reporting.



MultiView is the only solution that can actually detect an incident before it happens with predictive analytics. Oversee dozens of rooms from one workstation. Zoom in to display critical data. Keep an eye on more patients, in less time, without ever entering the room.

First-Ever Features for Enhanced Virtual Visits

Movement and voice replace hands-on hassles to virtually connect patients, providers and families


Digital Door Knock

The first privacy-enhancing technology of its kind, Digital Door Knock detects patient movement and voice commands, then grants instant permission to enter the room without any extra steps. This hands-free feature gives patients more control while helping providers save time.


Family & Provider Collaboration

Family is often the most underutilized member of the care team. Vitalchat keeps loved ones and other remote parties in the loop by allowing them to join virtual visits via a secure text link — no app or tech-savviness required.


Night Vision

This feature helps eliminate middle-of-the-night anxieties for patients, providers and loved ones alike. Night Vision offers the same detailed zoom, 360-degree views and 24/7 monitoring as other Vitalchat cameras — but it can do it all in the dark.


Third-Party Licensing

Vitalchat simplifies delivery without compromising capability, eliminating costly third-party licensing dependencies through a convenient technology stack model. As a result, hospital systems can access the highest-quality solutions at the lowest possible price.

One Solution Closing Healthcare’s Biggest Gaps

Vitalchat serves as a single pane of glass across the care continuum, keeping patient safety and provider efficiency at the forefront. Our hands-free solutions limit the work required for all members of the care team to engage, while helping hospitals ramp up provider retention, patient satisfaction and ROI.

Dedicated to transforming the way people care for people, we leverage AI technology as a tool to enhance — not replace — genuine human interactions.

Fall Detection

Predictive analytics can anticipate falls before they happen, improving patient safety and limiting liability expenses for hospital systems. Data shows Vitalchat has been proven to reduce falls by 66%*.

Workforce Stabilization

Vitalchat frees providers from time-intensive administrative burdens, which directly mitigates burnout and staffing shortages by allowing caretakers to focus on patients and use their talent more effectively.

Inclusive Virtual Visits

Patients, loved ones and providers can all seamlessly connect through secure virtual visits. Hands-free technology makes it easy for techie and non-techie types alike to communicate in real time.


Slash times for intake and discharge with AI-driven scribing. Like a “TikTok for healthcare,” providers can transcribe all critical patient and visit information via voice, without ever touching the keyboard.

Language Translation

Direct text-to-voice and voice-to-text translations eliminate language barriers and help hospitals save on transcription services, with the option to automatically add closed captions to all virtual visits.

Smart Clinics

From the operating room to the waiting room, Vitalchat technologies keep clinic flow on track by clearly and simultaneously displaying critical information like patient status, room status and hospital capacity.

*Data extracted from Benson Healthcare Arizona case study. Since adopting Vitalchat in September 2021, the hospital experienced a 66% reduction in falls and zero falls since the technology has been in use.

Flexible & Agnostic Nursing Hardware

Whether you bring your own WOW, laptop, tablet or TV or use Vitalchat’s optimized endpoints, we make the integration process a breeze so you can get up and running faster. Find the ideal solution and setup for your hospital system.

Start Scaling with Vitalchat

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