Exclusive Technologies, Brought to You (Only) By Vitalchat

Exclusive Technologies, Brought to You (Only) By Vitalchat

Integrate with timesaving, bandwidth-friendly telehealth tech you can’t find anywhere else.

Patented Solutions for Inpatient Monitoring, Virtual Visits & More

As telehealth trailblazers, we’re driven to be first-to-market with exclusive technologies that only the industry's most intuitive, forward-thinking software development and clinical veterans could dream up. See our patented innovations at a glance:

  • Video Analytics: This feature uses edge computing to monitor patients and hospital spaces for movement and voice cues, transferring metadata 24/7. However, video is only used when required for visits or alerts, reducing bandwidth for most hospitals by up to 20-fold.
  • Digital Door Knock: Verbal permission from the patient is all it takes to initiate a telemedicine visit. A simple hands-free command to start the chat connects remote care team members instantly and securely — no apps, remotes or virtual waiting rooms required.
  • AI-Enabled E-Sitter: The architecture of our patented patient monitoring software as a whole is the first and only to involve a server, user device and in-room monitoring device that uses predictive video analytics to proactively pick up on movement and voice cues.

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