Bridging the gap to integrated care delivery.

Successful integrated care, especially for complex and chronic conditions, requires high touch services and consistent patient engagement across specialties and diverse demographics.

And yet, ensuring coordinated systems of care, adequate geographical reach and staffing poses huge challenges for health systems—often resulting in patients and opportunities falling through the cracks.

Vitalchat’s turnkey telehealth solution helps bring the right level of care to patients, at the right time, and in the right place.

For relatively low cost, Vitalchat can dramatically improve patient care, access and satisfaction (not to mention provider satisfaction and staff efficiency) while reducing overall cost for PCMH, Integrated and rural health organizations.

Schedule regular visits with your patients at home
Easily consult with other providers
Facilitate specialty and behavioral health visits while your patient is still in office

Vitalchat works with existing technology and a variety of hardware configurations.

Whether it’s equipping every exam room in your clinic for virtual, integrated care delivery or delivery repless surgeries into your ASCs, Vitalchat works with existing technology and a variety of hardware configurations. Have a bunch of newly purchased iPads gathering dust? How about nursing carts already in use? With a few tweaks, Vitalchat can elevate them to fully functional telemedicine options.

Hardware Options

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Vitalchat’s secure platform leverages smart video, scalable interoperability and low-cost hardware for reliable and affordable collaboration in every room—from the hospital all the way to home.

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Vitalchat is purpose-built from the ground up to provide a simple and meaningful experience for patients and families, clinicians, providers and healthcare administrators across hundreds of rooms.


Whether it's an integrated eICU, OR, inpatient rooms or you need to quickly deploy across a Covid-19 unit. Vitalchat works with existing technology and a variety od hardware configurations.

Patented digital door knock along with full room control over entry, visitors, camera and audio means a touchless experience.