Easily equip any area in the hospital with telemedicine functionality, quickly and affordably.

With Vitalchat software, you can easily scale telehealth throughout your facility--for a seamless experience that is simple and elegant.


Operating Room

Want to keep medical device reps out of your OR? Vitalchat can facilitate repless surgeries or remote proctoring without requiring surgeons to manage the visit or the device.



With fixed endpoints in each room (and a price point that makes it possible), physicians, staff and families can visit patients without dealing with any of the waiting, maneuvering or troubleshooting typically required with traditional carts. Free up your staff from device management and give physicians the freedom to virtually round on patients at will.


Isolation Unit

With Covid-10, protect and maximize your staff, reduce PPE costs and facilitate family connections with a telemedicine solution that can be implemented and integrated quickly and affordably.



Most EDs face volume challenges — resources are often strained by both the overflow of incoming patients, and by understaffed providers. With Vitalchat you can reduce wait times, improve specialist coverage, and increase throughput–without the cost of  pricey carts and per user licenses.

Vitalchat works with existing technology and a variety of hardware configurations.

Whether it’s an integrated eICU, OR, inpatient rooms or you need to quickly deploy across a Covid-19 unit, Vitalchat works with existing technology and a variety of hardware configurations. Have a bunch of newly purchased ipads gathering dust? How about nursing carts already being utilized for care? With a few tweaks, Vitalchat can elevate them to fully functional telemedicine options.

Hardware Options

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Vitalchat’s secure platform leverages smart video, scalable interoperability and low-cost hardware for reliable and affordable collaboration in every room—from the hospital all the way to home.