Optimized Endpointsfor Easy Integration

Optimized Endpoints
for Easy Integration

Get up and running faster, whether you bring your own deviceor elevate your endpoints with Vitalchat hardware.

Flexible & Agnostic Virtual Nursing Hardware

Replace your old equipment with Vitalchat’s state-of-the-art hardware — or bring those spare screens collecting dust in the storage room back to life. Our software quickly integrates with both new and existing equipment, including iPads, desktops, telemedicine carts and laptops, to give inpatient and outpatient providers easy access to critical data in high-and low-acuity settings.

Our systems have a wide range of uses, from the ICU and OR to inpatient rooms, all designed to reassure timely care and streamline remote exams.

Endpoint Options:

Bring Your Own Device (B.Y.O.D.)

Vitalchat can integrate with existing hardware — like tablets, laptops, WOWs and TVs — so hospital systems can immediately start supporting the software. Everything is customized to meet each facility’s demands.

Endpoint Options:

Vitalchat Hardware vs. B.Y.O.D.

Find the ideal solution and setup for your hospital system.

Hands-Free Virtual Nursing Software

Equip your hospital system with a full suite of revolutionary, AI-driven solutions redefining the standard for patient monitoring and virtual visits. Vitalchat’s hands-free software helps close some of healthcare’s biggest gaps, from patient falls and provider burnout to scribing, translations and more.

Start Scaling with Vitalchat

Hospitals nationwide are saving money, reducing burnout and improving quality of care with Vitalchat technologies. Your journey toward a streamlined patient experience starts with a demo.