Vitalchat offers only AI-driven patient monitoring and virtual visit solutions that conserve network bandwidth; Enable up to 100 rooms to be monitored simultaneously

Inpatient telehealth innovator Vitalchat is giving hospital systems and technology partners nationwide new options for delivering connected care solutions on a grand scale that improve healthcare provider efficiencies, reduce burnout and support system-wide ROI.

Unlike many traditional telehealth companies, Vitalchat’s propriety, patented solutions leverage artificial intelligence to offer industry-leading and industry-first features, including:

  • SmartView: Patent-pending software that continuously scans patient rooms for movement using in-room video. Cameras monitor for irregular movement and voice cues, providing 24/7, at-a-glance monitoring of patient activities, staff rounding and visitors.
  • MultiView: Configurable dashboard with intuitive interface enables providers to view up to 100 patient rooms simultaneously across a department, facility or locations. Remote alerts help nurses get to patients in need faster.
  • Bandwidth Conservation: Patented architecture conserves data transmitted over a network while enabling video to be activated upon an alert, minimizing network requirements by approximately 20-fold compared to video streaming.
  • Hardware Agnostic: Solutions seamlessly integrate with any existing technology stack, further reducing overhead costs for hospitals.

Vitalchat is also integrating its AI-Enabled E-Sitter and Virtual Visit solutions with the eCareManager solution from Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology. Philips eCareManager solution is scalable to support and complement remote clinical workflows and processes across the enterprise to help solve local healthcare delivery challenges in single hospital or across hospital systems. Philips eCareManager enables communication and collaboration across distances and care venues with virtual care devices and applications, such as Vitalchat’s inpatient telehealth solutions. With the latest release of eCareManager, the Standard A/V Integration (SAVI) protocol and audio-visual communication platforms can be launched directly from within eCareManager. This standard interface helps connect remote clinicians to bedside care teams for a seamless care experience.

With Vitalchat, hospitals can experience ROI within months of deploying the solutions. Not only does the technology elevate the level of care and enable hospitals to offer virtual nursing and e-sitting on the same platform, but it’s designed to combat two of today’s biggest healthcare challenges ― workforce enablement and provider burnout. This is especially pertinent considering 47% of healthcare workers plan to leave their positions by 2025, according to a recent report from Elsevier Health, exacerbating the current worker shortage impacting quality care and outcomes.

“Our solutions are specifically designed to enable workforces to be more productive, efficient and focus on what they do best ― care for patients,” said Vitalchat CEO Alan Pitt, M.D. “Our technology enables our hospital partners to achieve these goals while driving down other short-term and long-term costs. We have developed modern solutions to longstanding challenges that are poised to revolutionize inpatient care.”

To learn more about Vitalchat’s solutions, watch a demo or request a live demo.