Vitalchat CEO and esteemed neuroradiologist Alan Pitt, MD recently sat down with Philips, a global leader in healthcare technology, for an insightful interview about his views on the Hospital of the Future: Emerging Trends and Technologies.

In this Q&A, Alan discussed emerging trends and technologies in healthcare – from changing workforce expectations to the rise of generative AI – and what these developments mean for hospitals and patient-centered care delivery.

Alan emphasized his vision of the hospital of the future in the article, stating “The hospital of the future should reconnect healthcare professionals back to their purpose: caring for patients. That means thinking people before technology – really asking what it means for a healthcare professional to interact with a certain technology, and how it can support their workflow.”

Vitalchat is making the hospital of the future a current reality with hands-free telehealth solutions that can work with nearly any endpoint to reduce critical bandwidth by up to 20-fold. The company’s Virtual Visits software and patented AI-Enabled E-Sitter aim to not only increase ROI for healthcare leaders, but also reduce provider burnout while enhancing the patient experience.

In the article, Alan also advocated for harnessing cutting-edge technologies to provide patient-centric care. “By rethinking the traditional approach to medicine and medical education with the latest technologies, we can create a healthcare system that truly puts patients first,” said Alan.

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To get your own glimpse into the hospital room of the future, watch the Vitalchat demo.