As telemedicine evolves, hospitals are searching for easy-to-integrate virtual software that helps increase efficiencies, cut costs and address labor demands. However, most solutions are expensive, complex and have limited scaling potential. Hosting a recent webinar for SONIFI Health, a leading provider of interactive patient engagement solutions, CSO Alan Pitt, MD and CEO/CTO Ghafran Abbas provided hospital decision-makers with suggestions on how to streamline their telemedicine integration and deploy AI-driven technologies across entire healthcare facilities.

The Vitalchat co-founders shared five strategies for a successful integration process with telemedicine and healthcare executives, including the use of TV-based solutions that are compatible with existing EHRs and limit the need for staff intervention. They noted that Vitalchat’s next-level offerings check all the boxes discussed, helping eliminate cumbersome hardware, hands-on management, lack of scalability and other existing challenges within the telemedicine space. The integration is another step toward Vitalchat’s mission to make medical collaboration ubiquitous; simply part of the care continuum through a “single pane of glass.”

Ghafran is an industry expert in developing and designing a variety of telemedicine solutions that improve the patient and provider experience. Having spent more than 20 years building multiple software programs from the ground up, he keeps a trained eye on opportunities to bridge gaps within existing operations to elevate the status quo of healthcare delivery.

An esteemed neuroradiologist and serial entrepreneur in robotics, imaging, artificial intelligence and telemedicine, Alan has dedicated his life’s work to developing responsive healthcare technologies that leverage collaboration to enhance lifesaving services, human interaction and quality of care, especially for acutely and chronically ill patients.

Listen to the SONIFI Health Webinar here.