Vitalchat Co-founder and CSO Alan Pitt, MD recently sat down with Lisa Levy, host of “Break Everything…in Healthcare,” to discuss how non-traditional telemedicine and virtual sitters help enhance care by providing reassurance to patients and families while alleviating hospitals from many operational constraints.

In the podcast, which interviews industry thought leaders on paradigm-shifting ways to improve the healthcare system at large, Alan noted that better quality of care starts with integrating AI into existing telehealth technologies. Emphasizing the low cost and high scaling capabilities of Vitalchat’s eSitters, including in-room TVs and nursing carts, he explained that AI is not a replacement for one-on-one interactions, but rather a gateway to increased healthcare worker retention and more efficient, proactive patient monitoring.

Alan is an esteemed neuroradiologist and serial entrepreneur in robotics, imaging, AI and telemedicine who has dedicated his life’s work to developing responsive, collaborative healthcare technologies that elevate human interaction and standards of care, especially for acutely and chronically ill patients.

Listen to Alan’s episode here.