With burnout among assisted living caregivers on the rise, wide-scale smart technologies are quickly emerging as a critical solution in the senior care space. Vitalchat co-founder and CSO Alan Pitt, MD was recently invited to join the Senior Living Global Committee panel at the GRI Summit to help senior living and healthcare leaders from around the world reduce operational and labor burdens.

Presenting to GRI Club members at the annual peer-to-peer idea-sharing conference, Alan outlined new technologies that he predicts will soon become must-haves in senior care. E-sitters, family visits and voice commands, for example, help limit technical requirements for seniors, allowing them to easily and virtually connect with their loved ones. Perhaps more importantly, these types of technologies are also workforce enablers at scale, helping improve facility-wide efficiencies when need and demand is at an all-time high.

He noted that equipping senior housing spaces with affordable, AI-driven e-sitters that enable multiple rooms to be monitored at once help alleviate caregivers from many hands-on tasks while providing patients and their families with peace of mind.

An esteemed neuroradiologist, professor and serial entrepreneur in robotics, imaging, artificial intelligence and telemedicine, Alan is committed to developing responsive healthcare technologies that leverage collaboration to enhance lifesaving services, human interaction and quality of care, especially for acutely and chronically ill patients.