Telemedicine in today’s hospitals is on the verge of an evolution, and the healthcare sector is continuously searching for new innovations aimed at solving some of the industry’s most pressing challenges, such as labor shortages and burnout. Speaking to senior-level healthcare executives at the invite-only Marcus Evans National Healthcare CXO Summit, CEO Alan Pitt, MD gave a glimpse into the hospital room of the future ― a room powered by video AI that dramatically improves the quality of care, patient experience and safety.

In “Telehealth: Beyond the Digital Front Door,” Alan discussed the role and value of telehealth across the healthcare continuum, and how hands-free, scalable solutions will revolutionize hybrid healthcare to meet the needs of patients and providers alike. He asserts that key intelligent features will enhance the human side of healthcare, enabling providers to monitor and treat more people quickly without further taxing their time and resources.

The Summit’s content is aligned with key clinical trial challenges and interests, relevant market developments, and practical and progressive ideas and strategies adopted by successful pioneers. A highly sought-after thought leader in healthcare innovation, longtime entrepreneur and neuroradiologist, Alan presents his AI-driven inpatient telehealth findings at a wide range of conferences year-round and nationwide.

Supporting his credibility in sharing insights with the best and brightest minds in healthcare, he also serves as CEO of Vitalchat, a leading-edge telemedicine company offering virtual nursing solutions to address provider burnout and enhance the patient experience. Features like Smart View and Digital Door Knock will continue to pave the way for greater reassurance, efficiency and simplicity of care.

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