When West-Com distributors gathered in Las Vegas for the nurse call communication company’s 35th annual conference, CEO Alan Pitt, MD was invited to present on how Vitalchat and West-Com’s technologies work together to improve hospital-wide efficiencies, enhance the patient experience and reduce provider burnout.

With a focus on virtual care, Alan explained that Vitalchat’s hands-free remote patient monitoring software with SmartView and Multiview allows nursing staff to monitor up to 100 patients at once from a single workstation. In addition to enhancing patient safety while saving providers time and stress, the virtual sitters seamlessly integrate with West-Com’s patented Patient CareBoards™ to turn manual administrative duties into a fully automated, all-in-one system for ensuring more responsive, patient-centered care.

Vitalchat also equips West-Com hospital clients with hands-free virtual visit software, which enables family members and other remote members of the care team to stay connected from anywhere via a secure text link.

A longtime partner and mainstay in the nurse call industry, West-Com’s integrated communication systems share several of the same goals as Vitalchat’s AI-enabled technologies, from improving healthcare staff retention and patient satisfaction to streamlining clinical workflows, remote patient monitoring, provider alerts and more. The companies work in tandem to stay ahead of the curve in new and innovative solutions defining the hospital room of the future.

Alan is an esteemed neuroradiologist and serial entrepreneur in robotics, imaging, AI and telemedicine who has dedicated his life’s work to developing responsive, collaborative healthcare technologies that elevate human interaction and standards of care, especially for acutely and chronically ill patients.