E-Sitters, Redefined

E-Sitters, Redefined

Oversee up to 100 rooms at once to proactively improve the patient experience and reduce provider burnout with our patented technology.

AI-Enabled Virtual Sitters Dramatically Enhance Patient & Provider Experiences

All virtual sitters are not created equal: Our patented AI-Enabled E-Sitter is the most powerful and intuitive inpatient telemedicine solution available.

We offer the only virtual sitter enabling providers to monitor up to 100 rooms at once, as well as the first fully hands-free software powered solely though movement and voice. Leveraging artificial intelligence to close gaps in care, ramp up efficiencies, enhance human interactions and address provider shortages head-on, our solution is built to scale hospital- and system-wide.

Advanced features, including SmartView and MultiView, help improve staff retention and patient satisfaction, in addition to the bottom line for hospital systems. Our patented architecture conserves data transmitted over networks then activates video upon an alert, minimizing network requirements by approximately 20-fold compared to video streaming. This is an essential feature for the future where TV kits replace carts, enabling 24/7 monitoring across the hospital.

MultiView Transforms the Nurse Workstation

When providers can oversee entire floors and departments from one workstation, they can focus on delivering person-centered care and avoid burnout. MultiView makes it possible to keep an eye on more patients in less time with a customizable patient dashboard displaying up to 100 rooms simultaneously.

  • Customizable Views: Monitor patients across any configuration from a single screen with an easy-to-use interface, from individual hospital departments to different facilities across multiple states.
  • Remote Alerts: MultiView gives providers instant in-room, on-floor or remote notifications so people can get where they need to be faster, whether the call of duty is a family visitor or a patient emergency.
  • SmartView Integration: Beyond simple e-sitter functionality, MultiView integrates with its SmartView video counterpart to proactively monitor for falls, pressure ulcers, visitors and more.

SmartView Takes the Power of Predictive Analytics to New Levels

The only patient monitoring solution that can detect incidents before they happen using predictive analytics, SmartView continuously scans for movement with AI-enabled, in-room video. Smarter, quicker and wider-scale room coverage is a dream come true for any hospital’s fall prevention strategy.

  • Continuous Monitoring: Vitalchat cameras are always on the lookout for irregular movement and voice cues, providing 24/7, at-a-glance monitoring of patient activities, staff rounding and visitors — without bogging down the hospital’s network.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Based on continuously collected patient information, SmartView automatically triggers built-in or custom alerts for emergency prevention to EMRs and other messaging platforms.
  • Reporting: Gain valuable patient insights to support data-driven decision-making in everything from workflow and staffing to room turnover and supply management.

Features You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Movement and voice replace hands-on hassles to virtually connect patients, providers and families


AI-Driven Support
Predictive patient monitoring technology reduces hospital liability, keeps patients safe and alleviates provider burnout.


Fast & Easy Integration
Vitalchat virtual sitters can be up and running in minutes without administrative hassle or cumbersome equipment.


Seamless Self-Service
Our self-service portal allows hospitals to build custom setups that work for their unique device management needs.

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