About Vitalchat Telehealth

We are on a mission to make healthcare better.

With over 20 years of combined experience and telemedicine implementations into hundreds of organizations across the US—as well as first-hand clinical experience with many of the most popular platforms—we learned what did and did not work.

So, we decided to simplify everything.

We built a new software platform, from the ground up, that eliminated all third-party reliance and fees, is API-rich for quick and easy integration into existing workflows, and leverages low-cost hardware (even repurposed hardware like existing carts and tablets). Oh, and we’ve made sure our video is smart and the whole experience is touchless - requiring zero management from staff and full provider control over the visit.

Cost Savings

We saw that asking physicians, staff, patients and IT to move, set up, operate, troubleshoot and manage unwieldy carts or tablets led to a slew of upfront and hidden costs over time.


We found that telemed workflows that required staff to learn and deal with another interface led to frustration and non-adoption.


It was obvious that confusing pricing models, expensive licensing fees and proprietary hardware were a major barrier for many organizations’ telemedicine efforts.

Ease of Use

We realized that the future of telehealth meant putting a camera in every space that is valuable enough for telehealth and making it effortless for staff to use at a price that is actually affordable.

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AI Enabled E-Sitter

Vitalchat is the ONLY e-sitter solution that leverages AI to improve patient safety that can be stood up in minutes, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Virtual Visits

Vitalchat is touchless, requiring zero assistance or hardware management from physicians, nursing staff, patients or their families.


Whether it's an integrated eICU, OR, inpatient rooms or you need to quickly deploy across a Covid-19 unit. Vitalchat works with existing technology and a variety of hardware configurations.

Leadership Team

Alan Pitt, MD
Alan Pitt, MD

Alan Pitt, MD is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vitalchat, a leading-edge telemedicine company delivering hands-free technologies that virtually connect providers, patients and loved ones. His visionary leadership has paved the way for Vitalchat to be the most effective and affordable inpatient solution in the market.


Alan has more than two decades of experience as an esteemed entrepreneur, neuroradiologist and Professor of Neuroradiology at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix. He has dedicated his life’s work to streamlining the healthcare experience and leveraging collaboration to enhance lifesaving services, human interaction and quality of care.


Working on the frontlines of clinical care, specifically with acutely and chronically ill patients, has given him an insider perspective of efficiency gaps within the healthcare system.


After spearheading a wide range of successful business initiatives in robotics, imaging, artificial intelligence (AI) and telemedicine, Alan helped develop Vitalchat as a next-generation telehealth software maximizing hospital-wide efficiencies, improving response rates and outcomes, and enabling cloud-based resources to address labor demands and costs.


Prior to launching Vitalchat, Alan honed his leadership skills as Chief Medical Officer for Avizia, a telehealth company merged with AmWell. He also co-founded Excelcius Robotics, which was acquired by Globus Medical in 2013.


Heavily involved with his community and multiple healthcare organizations, he currently serves as Chief Medical Officer of clinical AI platform CloudMedX, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for Precision Diagnostics for Philips Healthcare, Adjunct Faculty for the University of Arizona School of Public Health and a Board Member for Axis for Autism.


With a Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology from Stanford University, Alan earned a medical degree from the University of Arizona, completing training in radiology and neurology at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and a fellowship in neuroradiology at Barrow Neurological Institute.

Ghafran Abbas
Ghafran Abbas

As Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Vitalchat, Ghafran Abbas’ decades of software development experience and in-depth technical know-how are guiding the telemedicine company to the forefront of the hybrid healthcare space.


With a history of building responsive healthcare technologies from the ground up, Ghafran keeps a trained eye on opportunities to bridge gaps within existing operations to consistently elevate the status quo of healthcare delivery. His ingenuity and creativity have enabled Vitalchat to provide world-class, hands-free technologies that ease provider burdens while helping hospitals cut costs, increase efficiencies, and improve response rates and outcomes for an enhanced patient experience.


Having delivered various products generating multimillion-dollar revenue within weeks of conception, Ghafran’s specialty is equipping lean startups with the software, tools and technology needed to scale efficiently. His storied background in tech-focused leadership roles provided him with a strong, strategic foundation enabling Vitalchat to quickly emerge as an industry leader.


Prior to co-leading Vitalchat, Ghafran was Senior Vice President of Acute Care Engineering for AmWell, a telehealth organization that merged with Avizia, where he had previously served as CTO. Additionally, he was the Director of Technology at tech-ed company Blackboard before co-founding and leading research and development for its subsidiary app, SocialRadar, which was later acquired by Verizon.


Adding to his extensive technology background, Ghafran also served as Chief Software Architect for digital development company TenPearls, Principal Software Engineer for Time Warner Cable and Senior Software Engineer for technology corporations IntelliDyne and Spacenet.


Ghafran earned both master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Management Information Systems from Johns Hopkins University. Outside of Vitalchat, he enjoys biking, swimming, martial arts and spending time with his family and friends.

Katie Stoaks
Katie Stoaks
Vice President of Sales

As Vice President of Sales for Vitalchat, Katie Stoaks has nearly three decades of experience in pharmaceuticals, laboratory, medical imaging, population health management, data analytics and remote patient monitoring. She provides hospital systems and other clients with the tools and guidance to make informed, data-driven decisions focused on long-term growth, while meeting their specific needs in today’s healthcare environment.


In her role, Katie helps organizations implement Vitalchat’s suite of leading-edge technologies to virtually connect providers, patients and loved ones, enabling best-in-class care in a high-impact, cost-effective way.


Before joining Vitalchat, Katie served as Vice President of Business Development for Smartlight Analytics, where she helped establish a sales process for a software that uncovers fraud, waste and abuse in healthcare claims. She also drove the growth and impact of remote patient monitoring solutions as Vice President of Customer Development & Sales for Vivify Health.


Additionally, Katie has held various management and account roles for a range of integrated healthcare and technology companies, including Philips Wellcentive, Philips Healthcare and Esoterix Laboratory Services. Her compassionate, strategic approach in each position has helped companies large and small modernize their processes to enhance quality and efficiency of care.


Katie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Ohio State University, as well as a marketing principles certification from John Carroll University.

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