We are on a mission to make healthcare better.

With over 20 years of combined experience and telemedicine implementations into hundreds of organizations across the US—as well as first-hand clinical experience with many of the most popular platforms—we learned what did and did not work.

First-hand clinical experience

We know the challenges you face in order to provide quality telemedicine.

We saw that asking physicians, staff, patients and IT to move, set up, operate, troubleshoot and manage unwieldy carts or tablets led to a slew of upfront and hidden costs over time.

We found that telemed workflows that required staff to learn and deal with another interface led to frustration and non-adoption.

It was obvious that confusing pricing models, expensive licensing fees and proprietary hardware were a major barrier for many organizations’ telemedicine efforts.

We realized that the future of telehealth meant putting a camera in every space that is valuable enough for telehealth and making it effortless for staff to use at a price that is actually affordable.

So, we decided to simplify everything.

We built a new software platform, from the ground up, that eliminated all third-party reliance (and fees), is API-rich for quick and easy integration into existing workflows and leverages low-cost hardware (and even repurposed hardware like existing carts and tablets). Oh, and we’ve made sure our video is smart and the whole experience is touchless--requiring zero management from staff and full provider control over the visit.

Leadership Team

Ghafran Abbas
Ghafran Abbas

Ghafran Abbas is an expert in developing and designing a wide variety of healthcare software solutions that improve healthcare and patient care. Prior to founding Vitalchat, he was CTO of Avizia and before that he led the tech teams at SocialRadar, Blackboard, and more.

Alan Pitt, MD
Alan Pitt, MD

Alan Pitt, MD is a creative and entrepreneurial leader, attending physician, speaker and podcaster. He has over 15 years of HCIT experience, including Chief Medical Officer at Avizia and has held leadership roles at other successful healthcare businesses.

Alicia Moura
Alicia Moura

Alicia Moura has 16 years in integrated communications and marketing with a focus on digital transformation, strategy and customer experience. She has worked with companies and healthcare organizations across the U.S. with focuses ranging from patient access and experience to ambulatory planning strategy and telehealth.

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